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Enjoy our Bolivia Quality Tours in: La Paz and Titicaca Lake, the Sun & Moon Islands, the amazing Tiwanaku pre-Inca remains. Explore the amazing Salar de Uyuni, Siloli and South Lipez Deserts on Eduardo Avaroa National Park, travel with us to the mysterious Amazon Jungle and Pampas of the Madidi, Beni and Noel Kempff National Parks, Trek and Climb on the spectacular Cordillera Real de Bolivia and the Cordillera Apolobamba.
Get close contact with the charming Bolivian people and experience its colourful and extraordinary culture. Bolivia is a jewel waiting to be discovered by you
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Bolivia uyuni train cemetery
At 8 a.m., we will pick you up from your hotel in Uyuni and then we start our journey driving south towards the train cemetery where we make a short stop to see the remains of nineteenth and early 20th century steam locomotives at that time used for the mining industry of Uyuni and Potosi.
....US$ 80....
Gross Rates Per Person
1 Day  

Huayna Potosi and La Paz outskirts
Huayna Potosi and La Paz outskirts On this day trip, you will explore the famous spots of La Paz, experience a bizzare and unusal part of the culture in the "Witches Market", and finally visit the surreal "Moon Valley" of natural hardened sand formations.


....US$ 35....
Gross Rates Per Person

800 apolobamba trek 1

This incredible trekking experience takes you into the majestic Apolobamba Mountain Range, located northwest of Lake Titicaca. During the 12 day trek, you will cross into the border of Peru and back into Bolivia along these impressive landscapes.  

......US$ 1390.....
Gross Rates Per Person
12 Days / 11 Nights

On this 12 Days Adventure, you will discover some of the most sought after locations throughout Bolivia. This incredibly diverse country boasts some truly amazing natural and cultural treasures that you will see with us on this trip, including Lake Titicaca, Uyuni salt Desert, Potosi, Sucre, La Paz, and more!


 ....US$ 1520....
Gross Rates Per Person


From Salar de Uyuni Town, this short experience will take you through the amazing Uyuni salt flats, and the surrounding Lagoons to discover flamingoes, amazing rock formations, a haunting Train cemetery and a very unique desert like area in the high Andes plateau.  

....US$ 199....
Gross Rates Per Person
2 Days / 1 Night

foto 6 1
A sorter version of our popular and unique trek, this 5 Days adventure takes you into the Royal Mountain Range for you to experience the Bolivian Andes first had without any filters. High altitude Lakes, and amazing snow capped mountains surround your daily walks and create  a surreal landscape unique to Bolivia.


....USD 550....
Gross Rates Per Person

huao area parrot
The Bolivian Part of the Famous Amazon Jungle of South America in one of the best kept secrets of wildlife and nature. Being very little exposed to deforestation and poaching, this natural reserve is a secluded haven for birdlife, animal life and eco tourists to enjoy the famed "lungs of the earth"


....US$ 400....
Gross Rates Per Person


3 days tour visiting Tiwanaku. Andean scholars recognize this important Pre-Columbian archaeological site located in western Bolivia, located in western Bolivia. You will dip your feet in one of the highest lakes in the world, and experience the birthplace of many ancient cultures.

......US$ 275.....
Gross Rates Per Person
3 days / 2 nights

Uyuni Salt Desert and Climbing Volcanoes of the South Lipez Desert 

800 clinmb trek salar de uyuni

The Uyuni Salt flats, present visitors with otherworldly landscapes only found here. This incredible and massive natural landmark presents itself as the incredible backdrop to the adventurous and fun climb of the Volcanoes that emerge from the sand, at the arid South Lipez Desert.
......US$ 1295......
Gross Rates Per Person
12 Days / 11 Nights
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